Grael 4K PSG:EEG


Over 25 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful E-Series, has culminated in Grael – Our most technologically advanced amplifier yet, and the world’s first 4K High Definition , dual platform PSG:EEG amplifier.

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Features & Benefits
  • Full PSG : EEG in 4K High Definition
  • 24-bit amplifier – A new standard for PSG
  • DC-coupled inputs – See what’s really happening
  • Differential ECG and EMG provide unparalleled signal quality
  • Respiratory impedance plethysmography
  • Exceptional noise and artefact rejection
  • Exceeds all AASM Digital Specifications**
  • Don’t compromise – have both options for PSG and EEG diagnostics in one amplifier
  • Maximise operational options
  • All connections are integrated
  • A single IP connection to the Grael provides both power and data transmission
  • Built-in light sensor*
  • Sleep-optimised Oximeter*
  • Integrated RIP technology*
  • New high-sensitivity snore microphone*
  • Calibration-free position sensor*
  • One-touch quick disconnect
  • Lanyard for easy carrying when disconnected
  • Light-up touch-proof connectors allows convenient bedside impedance checking
  • Touch-proof connectors are ideally spaced for easy access
  • Labeled to current AASM guidelines**
  • Grael cradle can be desk, cart or wall mounted to suit any environment

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