Somté PSG


Whether you are looking for a recorder for attended sleep studies, or you wish to perform full polysomnography in an unattended, ambulatory setting, or both, Somté PSG is the solution you’re looking for – the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG…absolutely anywhere.



Features & Benefits
  • Full PSG – for attended in-lab convenience
  • Bluetooth monitoring for maximum patient freedom and comfort
  • 27 integrated channels
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote LAN/WAN/internet viewing and acquisition (via optional bedside station)
  • Bluetooth monitoring allows for in-lab monitoring as well as for maximum patient freedom and comfort
  • For in-home studies, data will be recorded onto internal storage
  • Simple patient worn unit allows rapid setup and use of the system anywhere
  • Fully self contained – no PC required
  • Integrated LCD screen to setup and acquire data, although data cards can be pre-programmed to automatically start and stop recording at pre-set times, and add patient identification to the study > LCD screen to check the quality of signals before or during recording
  • Unique signal status display for instant signal integrity and impedance checks. Signal integrity can be displayed during data review for quality assurance
  • Integrated storage card (Compact Flash) up to 2GB for up to 24 hours data collection
  • Uses analogue differential amplifiers for the simplest and most robust recording of physiological signals, even in less than ideal situations
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