Trutrace EMG

What is EMG?

Electromyography (EMG) is used in electrodiagnostic medicine for evaluating and recording the electrical
activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG testing has a variety of clinical applications. EMG is used as a
diagnostics tool for identifying neuromuscular diseases and disorders of motor control. EMG signals are
sometimes used to guide botulinum toxin or phenol injections into muscles.
EMG detects the electric potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or
neurologically activated. The signals can be analyzed to detect medical abnormalities, activation level, or
recruitment order, or to analyze the biomechanics of human or animal movement.

  •  Modern design with battery operation for superior signal quality
  •  Fast and easy to use with dashboard style interface
  • Basic to advanced configuration of all tests
  • Full control of all functions via dedicated EMG Keyboard


Deymed Technological Advantages

Battery OperatedOffering the highest signal quality possible and lasting months on a single charge, Deymed systems significantly reduce artifacts and outside noise by running 100% on batteries.
Intelligent ChargingDeymed’s new ultra-low capacitance induction charging keeps the batteries full when the headbox is connected to system. This ensures the highest quality signal is possible with full battery operation during sensitive neurophysiology tests.
High Sample RatesDesigned with Digital Signal Processor technology, Deymed systems can sample at very high sample rates while changing any parameter on the fly digitally. DSP offers numerous advantages over standard analog processing.
Optical IsolationOptical isolation greatly improves signal quality and patient safety. This feature combined with long-lasting battery operation, offers the best-in-class technology for neurophysiological recordings.
Click N’ Go SystemEasily detach your system from the cart with a single click and be on-the-go with a laptop. You are no longer forced to choose between a hospital cart or a portable system. You can now have both in one.

System Features

  • Fully battery operated with Intelligent Charging for superior signal quality
  • Intuitive “Dashboard Style” interface
  • Ergonomic and full function EMG keyboard for ease of use
  • Store, playback and review hours of EMG recordings
  • Customizable summary reports for all tests in MS Word
  • Instant portability with Click n’ Go feature
  • Quick impedance check during any test
  • GDT, HL7 and network capabilities option
  • Custom Deymed hospital cart with integrated silent computer
  • Offline data review with post editing of parameters
  • Multiple users, each with own settings
  • Friendly single screen setup for all tests
  • Programmable Three Pedal Foot Switch
  • Includes a starter kit of supplies
  • Carrying case for portable use
  • Unlimited buffer storage for Live EMG
  • Fully searchable patient database
Electro Headbox


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