Neuro Tablet

Ultra-Portable EEG/PSG Tablet recording system for Ambulatory, Home Video Telemetry and ICU monitoring,
with built-in Full-HD camera, infra-red and wireless functionality.



Infra Camera Video

capture in total darkness with built-in powerful IR LED light and automatic night mode activation.


Wireless amplifier communication for optimal patient comfort. NeuroTablet with GSM (LTE, 3G) and WIFI capabilities to support remote access.

Easy Setup

Quick and easy setup (no pairing required). Custom Deymed made tripod with magnetic holder for quick assembly.

Touch Screen

High resolution display with fully customisable touch screen interface.

Battery Operated

Up to one week of uninterrupted recording with synchronised video. Amplifier with hot-swappable rechargeable batteries.

Home Use

Home mode requires minimal patient interaction (PIN protected for additional security). Fully automated sleep and wake mode.


Multi-channel EEG with Full HD Video plus advanced Trends, including aEEG and DSA. Continuous impedance monitoring.