Disposable EEG Cup Electrode Silver/Silver Chloride

User Benefits

• No cleaning or preparation before use of the EEG electrodes needed.

• Clear and reliable signal due to optimized layer of frequency stable Ag/AgCl.

• Optimized signal quality due to larger electrode surface and volume.

• Short cup-to-cable connection to reduce lift risk.

• Optimized connector for easy headbox insertion and extraction.

• Low profile disk with soft and flexible anti-tangle lead wires for high patient comfort.

• Single use to avoid cross-patient contamination.




Cup                                                                                             AgCl layer

Not made with natural rubber latex                                            √

REACH & RoHS (EU)  compliant                                                  √

Lead wire core                                                                     Tin Plated Copper

Lead wire insulation                                                                   PVC

Connector                                                                             DIN 42802-1