7500 SeriesV2 Mask™ ORO-NASAL NIV – No AAV – No Vents REUSABLE


• Five Sizes to cover a wide range of patient sizes.
• Face Piece with new Facial Sealing Flange is a single piece mask, made of clear soft Silicone Rubber.
• Anatomically Contoured Face Mask Design with ribbed support for a leak free com- fortable fit.
• Elbow shaped or Straight Swivel Ports in both 22mm outside diameter or 22mm inside diameter allow for improved patient freedom of movement. Color coded translucent green.
• Easily adjustable, light weight, 4 strap Headgear for patient comfort, available in three sizes.
• New Quick-Release Strap Clips for quick & simple mounting & dismounting of headgear.
• Lightweight, easy to use, high quality mask & headgear.
• Reusable masks; steam autoclaveable, cold chemical, pastuerization safe & dish- washer safe.






Face Piece with Structural Braces                                                             Silicone Rubber, Polycarbonate Thermoplastic

Swivel Port – Mask Adapter, Elbow, 22mm Port                                       Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, Translucent Green

Headgear                                                                                                 Polyurethane Foam Black, Nylon UBL Gray and
Nylon Fabric Red

Headgear Hook                                                                                         Nylon, Black

Headgear Strap Clips (4), Tri-glide                                                            Polypropylene, Black


• Intended Use: The 7500 Series V2 Masks™ are reusable, multi-patient-use, adult
oro-nasal masks intended to provide a patient interface for application of noninvasive ven-
tilation. The masks are to be used as an accessory to continuous ventilators which have
adequate alarms and safety systems for ventilator failure.
• Indications for Use & Environment: The masks are specifically indicated for use on
adult patients (greater than 30 kilograms weight) to administer positive pressure ventilation
for treatment of respiratory failure or respiratory insufficiency. They are intended for use on
patients who are appropriate candidates for noninvasive ventilation, in the home, hospital,
or other clinical settings by individuals that have received at least minimal instruction or
training on the use of the masks as well as the device and system to which the masks are
intended to connect.
• Cautions:
a.) Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
b.) Patients with facial hair, especially beards, may experience mask leakage which may require shaving the hair.
• Warnings: Refer to: Instructions for Use, Document No. 691271, shipped with product.
• Contraindications & Complications: Refer to: Instructions for Use, Document No. 691271, shipped with product.


Elbow Swivel Port                                                           Straight Swivel Port

A                       B                            c                                  A                              B                                     c

Large                        5.9 (150)                 4.2 (107)                  4.71 (120)                   5.9 (150)                    4.2 (107)                     4.53 (115)

Medium                    5.5 (140)                   4.16 (105)                4.46 (113)                    5.5 (140)                    4.16 (105)                  4.28 (109)

Small                         5.2 (132)                    4.31 (109)                4.05 (103)                     5.2 (132)                    4.05 (103)                   4.12 (105)

X-Small                      4.8 (122)                    3.95 (100)                 4.21 (107)                    4.8 (122)                  3.95 (100)                     4.04 (103)

Petite                        4.6 (117)                    3.9 (99)                     4.05 (103)                    4.6 (117)                    3.9 (99)                        3.92 (100)