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تسليم جهاز التنفس الصناعى بجامعه اسوان 

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Excellent Medical Technology
By People for People


Ventilation – especially for premature and newborn infants – is our specialty. This is where we have made a name as a worldwide technology leader. Every day, we do everything we can to optimally support physicians and nursing staff in their commitment to patients small and tall with the help of our devices and solutions.

The basis of our successful work is our close cooperation with the people who use our devices every day. Through constant contact with them, we learn about the challenges they are facing, learn about their specific needs and thus develop devices that are increasingly better adapted to the needs of patients and carers. Safety and reliability are our top priority.

In addition to respiratory technology, our range of services also includes anesthesia equipment and oxygen supply systems for use in hospitals as well as in the military and disaster control sectors.

we create

For Intensive Care Units and intra-clinical Transport

Our flexible ventilator EVE IN


Ensuring that patients, young and old, are safely and reliably cared for in intensive care units and during intra-clinical transports. EVE IN is designed and equipped to function autonomously, is easy-to-use and versatile. Using state-of-the-art turbine technology, EVE IN produces air for patient ventilation independently. This makes it the ideal ventilator for transportation within the clinic. Thanks to the multifunctional mounting bracket, it can be easily and safely attached to patients’ beds and transport trolleys. In the intensive care unit itself, EVE IN can be easily integrated into the patient’s entire care infrastructure via a docking station.